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Ventspils University College provide students with username and password for IT services at university. This username can be used for login in university's computers at computer classrooms. It also is used for login in student forum, accessing email, using printers and login into moodle.

Printing services:

VentspilsUniversity College provides printing services via login in terminals near printer (1 floor C hull ) or using web printing page At the moment this system allows printing of PDF files. Cost for 1 printed page is 0.04€. Students can monitor printing history and balance via login in and selecting navigation tab Balance. Printing is denied if you reach printing debt of 0.72€.


To check and see email go to and after login in click on link E-pasts on pages right lower edge or go to

Password change:

To change password go to password change form

Computer classrooms:

To access computers in classrooms, you must login via universities login or login with localuser. If you login with universities login all your data is saved and backed-up, but if you use localuser, you are login to computers local user and all data after usage may be lost.

To use local user,insert:

username: localuser

password: localuser

Computer in classrooms after work MUST be shut down.


Moodle ( is e-learning system where students can login with schools provided username and password. You can login and change language at pages uper right corner. If there is some questions about courses in moodle, you can ask them to your course teacher.

Internet in dorms:

At Ventspils University College dorms is accesable WIFI network called Ventspils and cable network. If there is a problems with WIFI or cable network, you can contact network maintainer Ventspils Digital Center via